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Fan help

2022.01.23 21:20 mathismei Fan help

Fan speed help
So I got 3 SP120 RGB pro 1 commender pro and 1 rgb controller that came with the fan (the fan are 3 pin) so I got all my fan plug into the commender pro and that plug into the mother board. I need help making my fan go slow they are at max speed and are very loud and for some reason they only appear on the iCEU software for a split second before disappearing and when the appear they go into quiet mode everything was fine until I downloaded the iCUE software can anyone help me make them more quiet thanks (here a video showing what I said here )
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2022.01.23 21:20 TrendsWide Talks on Afghanistan in Oslo with the participation of a delegation from the Taliban government | News reports

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2022.01.23 21:20 TraptLordJinzo What’s the longest you’ve had to grind for a Prime part?

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2022.01.23 21:20 willx500 Badly Drawing Paul Blart until Paul Blart Mall Cop 3 gets announced [Day 648]

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2022.01.23 21:20 Catsiel_ [Fo] Finished this cute little beer pattern by GeekGalStitchery :)

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2022.01.23 21:20 anonymousotaku4576 Why do I still miss her

My ex (who was my first real love) and I broke up around a year and a half ago and I am still not over her. I think about her constantly even tho we have to contact. No longer friends on any social media or anything. But I still find myself being cought up in old memories. Isn't a year and a half enough time? How can I get her out of my head. I feel so pathetic 😅 sometimes. Asking for general advice please and thanks
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2022.01.23 21:20 t1zzartYT I finally finished building a display box for my Kaws Blue Box and set it up with my other stuff. How does it look so far?

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2022.01.23 21:20 Emotional-Sandwich-3 I feel empty

Believe me I don't know who I am or what I'm supposed to be doing, I tried everything and my body just feels like a void that never feels fulfilled or accomplished. I tried so many things - jobs I can't hold, art (painting, clay, origami, drawing, digital art etc) reading, online courses, food, community college, trade school, started my own business (multiple) - watching MMA even tried to fight wanted to train the whole deal, freelancing, I'm currently learning Japanese, etc
What else can I do to feel okay I literally don't know anymore I never feel good about myself or feel like I'm doing anything right. I'm on medication and I'm started therapy 2 months from now, I just don't feel like myself anymore.
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2022.01.23 21:20 PachaDub Don't know if anyone's posted this yet but you might appreciate it. I can't see it coming to much tbh.

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2022.01.23 21:20 TrendsWide Biden administration is projecting 'weakness': Rep. Tenney

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2022.01.23 21:20 zengatang02 Quasar in nyc

Calling out to my fellow nyc collectors!!Has anyone found an extra quasar at their walgreens or duane reade? Thanks!
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2022.01.23 21:20 Theotar I have covid symptoms preventing me from work, but keep testing negative.

I got head fog, fatigue, body aches, wheezing and coughing, despite my wife testing positive I have yet to get a test showing I am positive. My only option so far has been rapid testing. I was tested Tuesday and Sunday. What is the chances I got double negative, or do I got some other disease. Been a week with symptoms, and I am boosted.
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2022.01.23 21:20 WeAppreciateBuu Outjerked?

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2022.01.23 21:20 WonderfulEconomist97 My friend and I got an app idea, but need a third wheel to program it and bring it to life

So my friend and I came up with an app idea that we think could really work. But non of us know how to program. What is the best way to get somebody on board that could do that for us without paying an insane amount of money?
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2022.01.23 21:20 __niknak__ "Can you please stop putting the rest of us in danger? Oh, and no, you cannot eat human flesh."

Greetings all, I hope you are ready for a story of less horror and more frustration with a little of advice seeking at the end. Obligatory on mobile so I apologize for spelling and formatting.
Also, SPOILER WARNING for Curse of Strahd.
I am currently in a party with a member who has made some of the most frustrating choices that I've ever seen in a D&D group.
The cast: Myself: our half-elf Cleric Wiz: our token human wizard Rage: our bugbear barbarian Mold: our dragonborn paladin Spooks: our elf hating DM (no I have no idea why he hates them and he won't tell us) And finally, Baka: the source of our ire.
Before we get started you should understand some of our personal Dynamics. Rage and I know each other from real life while Wiz and I are in 5 different D&D groups together and was one of the first players I ever played with. Mold and Spooks also play together on the regular while Baka is kind of the odd one out. I think this might be part of the problem as for what's to come.
This all started when Wiz and I were in a Curse of Strahd group that got abandoned by the DM the moment Rage joined the group before he could even play one session. Wiz and I really liked our characters' dynamic together and really wanted to continue playing so we decided to start over with a new group and started looking to set one up.
I put out posts on lfg and eventually we got a group together, adding on Baka and another player that never showed up so isn't relevant. The DM I found, Spooks, asked if he could add a friend and we said sure so Mold joined us.
Our first session went fine as we explored the upper floors of the death house. However during our second session things started to take a turn for the worse as we arrived at the altar in the basement.
Baka insisted on leading the way despite being a squishy sorcerer, or warlock I honestly don't remember, and having 11 AC rather than letting the paladin lead the way. She quickly got surrounded by three ghouls in a tight corridor and I had to quickly cast shield of faith on her using up one one of my three spell slots. (This will be relevant).
Later, to help with her horrific AC, I knew where a cloak with +1 AC was so when we found it, I immediately gave it to her (remember this as well).
Next Wiz triggered the trap that causes five shadows to appear and I used a spell slot to cast guiding bolt to save him from getting attacked. After the fight I informed everyone in character that I only had one spell slot left and as the cleric I I think we should take a long rest despite the risk of doing that in the death House. Out of character I knew that we were about to face a shambling mound and that I would need all of my spell slots to keep them alive but to avoid metagaming I said nothing.
Baka then demanded to know how I used up so many spell slots. I informed her I only had three from the start as a level 2 cleric and one of them was cast to protect her. She accepted my reasoning but was still a bit indignant, scoffing a little bit under her breath.
The party decided it was too risky to long rest and that we should continue so we proceeded farther into the dungeon till we came upon the boss room.
As we listened to the shadowy figures stating that "one must die, one must die," Baka gets the bright idea to gut herself while on the altar saying that I can just revive her after. Myself and Wiz urgently tell her that's a bad idea but she does it anyways before we can do anything. The voices stop for a moment before coming back the moment I heal her, using up my last spell slot.
Eventually we wind up facing the shambling mound and only barely staying alive through the health potions we found and myself running around casting spare the dying. At the end of the fight, it was just the paladin, wiz and myself standing but just barely. With the house falling apart around us, the three of us attempted to drag Baka and Rage through the swinging blades which then proceeded to take out Mold and Wiz leaving me the last one standing to drag all four of them out of the house and my character passing out in the rain next to their bodies as we level up to third level.
After this session, while Rage and I were hanging out in person, we nervously voice our concerns to each other about Baka but decide to let it go and just wait for the next session.
Now the next session kind of got derailed by both myself and Rage and we take full responsibility for it. Essentially the entire session was taken over by us arguing, my character has anger issues and his was chaotic evil, with the overpriced shop owner to lower his prices which eventually ended with Rage chocking out the owner and us almost getting tpk'd by his nephew. (Seriously, I was super apologetic. Rage on the other hand was just enjoying the chaos).
After we ran away, it was clear Spooks was justifiably pissed at us but didn't "punish" us or anything but clearly blamed me even though Rage escalated it to that point but to be fair I started it. Baka on the other hand was very vocal with her "opinions." She immediately started complaining about how she now can no longer wear her +1 cloak without her getting recognized and how because of us her AC is going down and she could just not let it go. She even interrupted an RP moment I was having with Wiz to complain out of character about whyshe can't wear the cloak. This carried on into the following session as well.
Now before I continue, you need to know that each of our characters had a certain quirk to them. Mold liked to hide in the small spaces in the dark and eat mold, hence the name. Rage found a top hat and a nice jacket in the Death House and now is committed to a dapper appearance and flavors his actions with his top hat. Wiz and I shared a short backstory together and our dynamic was that my character was extremely flirty with his not out a sense of love but out of a desire to mess with and prank him. This however goes completely over his head as he proceeds to bore her with complex lectures regarding magic, leaving her frustrated and complaining that he never lets her have any fun.
So we all kinda had a "thing" for our characters. Baka did not.
We assume this is the reason why, out of nowhere, her character started to repeatedly inform the rest of us that she would like to eat human flesh.
We go down to have breakfast and when asked what we'd like, Baka asks for some human flesh to eat, causing my character to get up and set Wiz down further along the table and keep herself between the two of them.
As we started to take Irina to Valaki, we found two corpses on the way. The first one was that of a man with a bird mask and feathers all around him with ravens flying over head. While my character is examining the body to see how he died, Baka states that she would like to slice some flesh off its arm and eat it. Even our mold eating paladin and chaotic evil barbarian were disgusted.
One of the ravens comes down transforms into a human and starts getting angry with us. Not wanting to fight we attempt to calm them down while simultaneously trying to get her to back off. Eventually we come to an agreement and move on till we find another corpse hanging from some gallows, a half-elf this time. As Mold and I are working to get the body down she once again starts in on the flesh eating bit with my character getting mad at her for wanting to eat the same race as she is, once again arguing with her to back off.
This whole time Rage and I are privately messaging each other essentially going "what the fuck?! What is she thinking?! This is so weird!" Wondering where the hell all this came from.
Eventually, we reach our first encounter with Strahd. When he first revealed himself, Wiz and I were sitting right next to him while Rage and Mold were nearby and Baka was returning from getting firewood with Irina thus standing the closest to her.
My character, with her anger issues, stood up to Strahd while telling the others to back up n get away, hoping that Baka would take the hint and grab Irina and run. She did not. Instead, she also got in Strahd's face. Initially, I wanted to stay to heal if needed but decided that since Baka wanted be in Strahd's face instead, I'd take Irina and run.
While I was gone, Wiz was knocked into death saves and my character wasn't there to heal him. Thankfully, Mold had one potion left that he tossed to Rage who feed it to Wiz and ran.
With Mold and Baka left behind, she started harassing Strahd into attacking her till she too had to eventually start to make death saves. Mold rushed over to heal her which she then got up, and once again, taunted Strahd into knocking her into saves a second time. Once again Mold healed her only for her to repeat her actions.
It quickly became clear she was trying to kill off her character, willing to put Mold in danger when he is just trying to save her
Mold gave up on her and ran, leaving Spooks to describe how he hears the rhythmic wet, crunching sound of Strahd grabbing her by the hair and repeatedly slamming her face into the ground till nothing is left of her skull as the session ended.
After sessions, Rage, Wiz, and I usually stick around to talk for a bit while everyone else leaves. This time Spooks and Mold stay behind as well and the five of us discuss what all that was. When brought up, Spooks agrees that he also got the feeling she was trying to kill her character and that she had not talked to him about it beforehand at all. Not long after that we all left the call.
Since we all ran in different directions, the next session was spent getting everyone back together. Mold, who ran back the way we came, was brought in to help investigate the cooked children pastries eventually leading to the windmill the "chefs" lived in. Rage and Wiz were were kidnapped by the "Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson" company and sold as slaves to the the pastry makers. And lastly, Irina and I meet Baka's new character and with the help of Wiz's familiar, who he had sent after to follow me, we used their connection to find all of them in the windmill.
After some convincing from the rest of us, Spooks agreed to extend our session and after some quick prep, we started our fight with the pastry chefs as they reveal themselves to be a coven of two sea hags and one night hag.
Baka rolled highest on initiative and proceeded to cast silence. Now under most circumstances, this would have been a good idea when up against hags. Not so much when the spell effect has a circumference of 30 feet and you are fighting in a space of 20 feet. This effectively nerfed everyone, including her as she was playing a warlock, except for Rage.
Mold only had lay on hands, Wiz had one first level spell and one cantrip, while I had literally nothing except my weapons.
Rage and I quickly started messaging each other to complain.
The hags then wail on us bringing two of us down to below half health. When it's her turn again and she can't decide on what to do, we beg her to drop concentration (yes we know you can do that whenever you want to but this felt like a good opportunity to say something about it).
I then have to play catch up trying to desperately heal everyone and effectively turning into just a heal bot and nothing else.
This is where Mold takes his turn to shine. He's able to frighten the two sea hags, effectively keeping them from going anywhere near the rest of us. When Wiz and i down, he rushes over and casts lay on hands on me so I can then heal Wiz. Then he starts pushing hags out windows which we all then join in on. Honestly, he totally won us that fight. However, there was a bit of a hiccup in the midst of all this.
As he was about to enact his plan of pushing hags out of windows, he begins to inform Spooks that he would like to cast thunderous smite, when Baka interrupts him. She starts to berate his choice of smite and declares that divine smite is a better choice. Spooks and Mold are quiet at first when I interrupt her and politely but firmly tell her to not tell him how to play his character. This seems to bring Spooks and Mold back into the game and Mold proceeds with his plans and after seeing him in action, the rest of us join in as it starts raining hags.
We eventually win, reaching level four, and Wiz, Rage, and I are left in voice where Rage and I start venting to Wiz. Turns out he was pretty unhappy with the whole silence thing too when I reminded him of the other things shes done up till this point. We're essentially left confused as to what she's been thinking up untill this point.
This leaves us with our most recent session. I took the Chef feet and decided to feed the party and ask Spooks what ingredients are available in the mill and am informed there are the normal, standard pastry ingredients and, oh yeah, children meat. I quickly opted to forge for berries while promising Mold that I will make him and frog/mold filled pastry. This is where I hear:
"Aww, I wanted to eat some child pastries."
Well good to know that she's decided to bring this back again. Great.
We then engage in a fight with some people wearing feathered cloaks and bird masks (some advice, if conversing with a group of paranoid people, don't let the mold eating dragonborn lead the discussion).
With only one left standing, I inform Spooks I want to attack non-lethally and in character encourage the others to do the same so we can interrogate him. We managed to down him and wait for him to wake up.
When he does, he's absolutely convinced that we're with Strahd. We start trying to inform him otherwise when Baka declares she wants to find a nearby puddle to attempt to torture-drown him in which she then does.
Yes. This is exactly what you want to do to someone who thinks you're evil while trying to convince them you're not, well, evil.
We then convince her to cut it out, persuade him to give us a chance, and then let him go. Session end.
Baka and Spooks leave the voice chat but this time Mold stays behind and talks with us. The four of us talk for awhile till eventually we start discussing problem players we've delt with which, of course, leads eventually to Baka.
After hearing us out, he informs us that even Spooks was frustrated with the the silence incident. We talked for awhile and came to the agreement that while annoying, she hadn't done anything worthy of getting kicked out, hence why we hadn't brought our issues up with Spooks, and that our best option was to talk to her about it.
This is where the advice seeking comes in. How do we approach this? We can't exactly say "hey stop being a creep!" and "play your character right!" What's a better way of phrasing this and how should we start a discussion about it?
It honestly could be that she's just trying to find a way to fit herself in with two different groups of established friends and doesn't know how to go about it. I'm worried she might feel excluded so I'm trying to push down my frustration but it's getting pretty hard.
TLDR: Player puts party in danger during combat and regularly expresses in character the desire to eat human flesh. Advice?
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2022.01.23 21:20 Sparrowgirl97 What is the most reliable Astro website or app?

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2022.01.23 21:20 Jardani-kun My First Post Here. This Is My French Bulldog named King.

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2022.01.23 21:20 nerddad82699 Most uncomfortable faction in Warhammer 40k

So as we all know the universe of Warhammer 40k is a hellish one. I was just thinking: I wonder which faction has the most uncomfortable existence? And I mean specific groups, not the workers in the heart of ships that have never seen the sun.
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2022.01.23 21:20 DrPennybags Grips for Anger Charging Base

I need some help finding some grips/straps that work with the Anker dock. Does anyone have something that is working for them?
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2022.01.23 21:20 RLCD-Bot [Grey Octane] [Germophile] [Black Sun Ray] [Black Esoto 4R: Inverted]

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2022.01.23 21:20 TrendsWide Fashion icon Thierry Mugler who has dressed Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé dies at age 73

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2022.01.23 21:20 asapergbel Psych 2800 textbook

I am scanning the internet to find a free textbook for this class currently. If anyone has any leads please let me know. I refuse to pay for a textbook, sorry professor.
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