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Pooping = Feeling super tired afterwards

Ari Staprans Leff (born August 8, 1994), known professionally as Lauv (/ l aʊ v /), is an american-latvian singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for his breakout hit "I Like Me Better"; included in his compilation album I Met You When I Was 18 (The Playlist), which was released in 2018. His debut album, How I'm Feeling, was released on March 6, 2020, and debuted at number 16 on ... Tired After Eating Could be a Sign of Health Problems. While most of the common reason on why you feel tired after eating is because your body reaction to food that you just ate, there are also some concerns regarding your health when you are always feeling tired after having a meal, no matter what food you are consuming. Emotion is a strong sentiment of any kind that you feel about someone or something. On the other hand, state of mind is referred to as feeling. Without feelings and emotions, life would be dreary. They add colour to our lives. Emotions are feelings such as angry, sad, happy, afraid etc. Afterwards; Prevention; A miscarriage can have a profound emotional impact, not only on the woman herself, but also on her partner, friends and family. ... It's common to feel tired, lose your appetite and have difficulty sleeping after a miscarriage. You may also feel a sense of guilt, shock, sadness and anger – sometimes at a partner, or at ... From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English tired tired / taɪəd $ taɪrd / S1 W2 adjective 1 TIRED feeling that you want to sleep or rest so tired (that) I’m so tired I could sleep for a week. too tired to do something He was too tired to argue. He looks tired out (= very tired). Been tired all morning and sleeping and suddenly the last hour or so been feeling nauseated. Been going to the rest room a lot as well this morning. You should go have yourself a good poop. You’ll feel like a million dollars afterwards If you're a regular exerciser, it's important to understand what happens when you don't eat enough after you work out. Most dietitians recommend eating something within 30 minutes after a workout ... This evening I was feeling tired and of course tiredness plays havoc with ones mind! My back door was open and suddenly a beautiful cat walked in and ‘meewed’ at me. My soul and being came alive again and my spirits were recharged. People and ‘friends’ can be very superficial a lot of the time., and there are many good people out there. Robert Creenan has been a news reporter for the Huron Daily Tribune since April 2019. Prior to arriving at the Tribune, Robert was a news reporter with the Cortland Standard in Cortland, New York. If you're feeling lonely, there's ways to reach out to people! You can talk to someone in your house, or call someone on the phone. You can also use texting or Facebook messenger to speak to someone. You may want to talk about how you're feeling, or you may not. Anything you want to talk about is okay!

2022.01.23 21:16 JasonLP92 Pooping = Feeling super tired afterwards

Anybody else get this?
It's like clockwork some days: I go to the bathroom, drop my poop and then I feel drained and tired afterwards. It's not even like I have diarrhea, blood, cramps or poop 20 times in a day, just one of my 1-2 daily BMs. Wonder if that means there could be nonvisible blood in my stool, though I feel like the tiredness would onset either way earlier or way later than exactly minutes after pooping, lol.
Maybe this is normal, but I feel like I never got this prior to diagnosis, though maybe i just never noticed since this doesn't happen everyday.
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2022.01.23 21:16 i_am_klaus_ Palouse to Cascades Trail, WA

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2022.01.23 21:16 Inaroundaboutway Going to preface this with I love my husband very much.

But I just cooked three meals at once to meal prep for the week at the same time as preparing dinner. My husband came in the kitchen and told me he was starving so I rushed the last bit of dinner to feed him. I completely cleaned the kitchen up before eating dinner myself to not be stressed about it afterwards. I get done eating the meal I just made, walk to the sink to wrinse my plate and out it in the dishwasher and his plate and fork are sitting in the sink while he is now sitting on the couch playing video games.
Omg. For the love of God, just put your plate in the dishwasher. It takes more work for you or me since I can't stand it being in the sink because I just cleaned the entire kitchen. A plate that had chicken and rice in it does not need to soak!!!!!!
OK rant over.
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2022.01.23 21:16 drak0bsidian Favorite cast iron cookbook?

I still love using cookbooks, and want to find a good one for my cast iron pan. There are a bunch out there - any top recommendations?
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2022.01.23 21:16 confused-bunger X-men origins

who is strykers son?
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2022.01.23 21:16 jaygatsbythegreat What is your best monopoly strategy?

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2022.01.23 21:16 DJDickJob The professor who recently went viral discussing the collapse of civilization.

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2022.01.23 21:16 dongurionigiri Daisy selling turnips for 91. No fees and please don’t leave anything behind

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2022.01.23 21:16 clip_mirror_bot Daequan on getting jebaited by NRG about the internet at the Thoom house

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2022.01.23 21:16 kashi19122004 Please help me out here, i am really desperate for money right now

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2022.01.23 21:16 Bleatbleatbang Dundee Researchers Use AI Hand Recognition to Catch Paedophiles.

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2022.01.23 21:16 OMalleycatz Prilosec and anxiety

I'm just wanting to come and warn a few people that may have anxiety disorder to talk to your doctor before considering taking prilosec. I was experiencing some GERD symptoms and decided to try out prilosec and by day 5 I was in the ER with debilitating anxiety like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. I've worked tough jobs, lost my dad to suicide and many other stresses in my life but this caused sever and irrational anxiety and fear. Please consider talking to your doctor before taking this drug and try pepcid first. The ER doctor dismissed my theory and told me to continue taking prilosec. I'm glad I decided not to. Be safe everyone
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2022.01.23 21:16 Swamp-Sta1ker Girlfriend doesn’t show me off like her other boyfriends

I was feeling pretty good about me and my girls relationship. But I found out from her friend that she didn’t even know she was dating me. She said her last bf she posted him everywhere had him and her as all her profile pictures but now with me she doesn’t post me nearly as much as she did him and her. Like you wouldn’t even know we were dating unless we told someone. I just think it’s weird that all she did was show off her last bf. And me not so much
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2022.01.23 21:16 HubertMesser Mid-advanced Python

Im not a professional dev neither it tech, but programming is my hobby and i feel like there is huge amount of tutorials for beginners, but i cannot find any midadvanced tutorials anywhere, especially on youtube. I have been programming in Python for about 1 year and I know basics well, i hope. Can someone recommend website/channel/anything to learn some more advanced things than just loops and condition statements? Thank you all
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2022.01.23 21:16 NarwhalHour Hard fall on black ice

I was diagnosed about 3 years ago after suffering since puberty.
One of the worst ways to cause a flare up happened today. I was walking with my cane- it’s been very cold then warm then cold plus a lot of snow so it’s been difficult to get around for vehicles and pedestrians- it’s dangerous right now. Anyway, I slipped and fell very hard on my flare up points, and just burst into tears. This lovely young guy came and helped me up off the frozen ground, and held my coffee AND hand back to my workplace. I took muscle relaxant when I got there but I just couldn’t stop the tears so I left work for the day. Fortunately I work in a dispensary so I quickly purchased a few things for immediate relief.
The kicker is that I slipped and fell on the only accessibility ramp for the strip mall, and it was outside the physiotherapists…
But I proved I was truly Canadian in that moment as well since I didn’t spill any of my coffee.
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2022.01.23 21:16 FelipeNoMames Brother and sister in law are very disrespectful to my mom

Hi 👋🏻
I have 3 siblings and our family was very close growing up. My girlfriend and all but 1 of my siblings significant others get along very well with our family. My brother and his wife don’t. My brother has always gotten along with our family and even in past relationships, he’s never disrespected my mother, but everything changed when he started dating my sister in law.
At first, she seemed normal, we got along and we were able to have quality time together as a family, but slowly things changed. First, they stopped participating in our family traditions (coming up for thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, etc.) and said that they’d prefer to start their own traditions, yet still managed to attend her family’s traditions. (We all live within 20 minute drive of each other). At first, we were heart broken, but thought we’d try new things and attend one of their thanksgivings, yet they continued to not go to our family events.
They spend minimal time with our family and always have some excuse for nothing being able to spend more time with us. We see them once in 3 months and they say they can’t spend more than 20 minutes with us because they don’t want to leave their dog home for too long. They use these types of petty lies all the time.
When they do spend time with our family, they are quiet. When we ask them questions about their life, then respond with one word answers. They clearly don’t want to spend time us. But when she is around her family, she is a compete different person. They act lively, but still avoid talking to us and never look us in the eye.
As time went on, things got worse. My mom would text my brother time to time, and he would respond with nasty texts. He would say things like “Sorry i couldn’t text yesterday, Im too busy spending time with my new family.” Or “you didn’t raise us the right way”. Which Is awful and not true. He also never answers the phone by himself. She always texts for him as well.
They’re very ungrateful as well, never say thank you for gifts and do inconsiderate things.
Now they’re having a baby and are using her pregnancy for jabs against my mom.
They are driving my mom to mental instability because she’s afraid to lose her son.
Any advice? We’ve tried talking a lot of times, things never work out
Tl;dr: My brother and sister in law are nasty to my loving mom and are breaking her heart
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2022.01.23 21:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Asia] - Asia-Pacific markets set to trade lower as investors look ahead to this week's Fed meeting | NBC

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2022.01.23 21:16 LittleNandeyo Another NFT Available on OpenSea by HoldingMercury

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2022.01.23 21:16 daftmunt [Bontemps] The Bucks released a statement about Grayson Allen’s one-game suspension:

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2022.01.23 21:16 StrengthThese9673 Regigigas

I need regieleki to get regigigas I was wondering if anyone would be willing to lend me one and I’ll trade it back after I caught regigigas(I have some legendary Pokémon you can hold on to while I catch regigigas)
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2022.01.23 21:16 Glittering-Tart-354 pfsense + squid + squidguard = connections queue overlimit

i have a small problem
it seems my pfsense + squid keep having connections queue overlimit..
the log shows sonewconn: pcb 0xfffff801088fb000: Listen queue overflow: 6145 already in queue awaiting acceptance (1522 occurrences)
what i have done is using squid as transparent proxy to block websites
i have to manually restart squid services to restore internet connection
when i ran
netstat -A | grep '.3129'
i got bunch of iP addresses and CLOSED connections
how to fix this permanently?
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2022.01.23 21:16 Matthmaroo I miss summer , taken August 23rd , Indiana dunes in Porter.

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2022.01.23 21:16 No-Engineer-5129 Survival Base So Far

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2022.01.23 21:16 11inchesrealcock If i create a new Discord server or Skype group for transgenders, would you like to join?

I think it's getting harder to find a discord server or skype now. I want to create one but I'm not sure.
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2022.01.23 21:16 TheCrowsNestTV Which Poll Option is your favorite?

View Poll
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