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[National] - Kelsea Ballerini gets personal in new book, 'Feel Your Way Through' | USA Today

Peter Pan is one of the protagonists of the play and the novel. He is described in the novel as a young boy who still has all his first teeth; he wears clothes made of leaves (autumn leaves in the play, skeleton leaves in the novel) and plays the pipes.He is the only boy able to fly without the help of Tinker Bell's fairy dust. The former "Today" host opens up about her new book "The Jesus I Know" and dishes on a possible TV return. Watch! about 14 hours ago. Tiffany Haddish & Common SPLIT. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, 24, says she's thinking about quitting gymnastics for good in a new interview. The athlete explained that, while she loves competing, she no longer feels like she can ... Supply-chain woes are this year's Grinch. But TV is overstocked with holiday specials and rom-coms — including the Food Network's first movie and the rebranded GAC Family channel's Christmas debut.

2021.12.02 18:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Kelsea Ballerini gets personal in new book, 'Feel Your Way Through' | USA Today

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2021.12.02 18:28 orangessssszzzz How has there never been a kraven x daredevil crossover!?

I feel like this is a no brainer
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2021.12.02 18:28 caii27 Albums like the velvet underground banana album

Albums that have a similar subject matter of drugs prostitution etc and similar production
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2021.12.02 18:28 BaddAtLife LOL

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2021.12.02 18:28 peace_maker0043 How’s everyone doing today?

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2021.12.02 18:28 chramelys He does a little song and dance :)

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2021.12.02 18:28 zaphighbeam Been going through a tough year and one man got me through it

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2021.12.02 18:28 mctizu Maybe some fuckery, maybe not!

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2021.12.02 18:28 purple_kartoffel Der arme

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2021.12.02 18:28 PreElement Best Soundbar for LG G1

Hey guys,
looking for a soundbasystem for the LG G1, I'm using the TV for Xbox Series X gaming and TV/movies. Bonus points if the sound bar can be used with Dolby features or the sound modes on the TV. Thanks!
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2021.12.02 18:28 Local-Pool-7576 Any Dratini Raid ? Please Add me to a Dratini Raid, After this i Add you to Zekrom :) 7102 7385 8944

Any Dratini Raid ? Please Add me to a Dratini Raid, After this i Add you to Zekrom :) 7102 7385 8944
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2021.12.02 18:28 banet December NFTs - biggest updates and drops that I'm watching

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2021.12.02 18:28 MrClownfishFriend Cabin in the woods near historic mining areas in Northern Utah. [OC]

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2021.12.02 18:28 luisga777 Glassdoor review of a DICE Sweden employee from back in Aug 2019. Relevant.

Copy pasted below:
Cronyism and nepotism are huge problems. The previous generation of leadership is reaching retirement age and began passing the torch over a year ago. How they selected the current generation is not clear but it isn't working at all. What features make it into the game or get development time isn't dependent on how they'll improve the game but on who has your back. This is especially troublesome because current leadership, or rather the couple of people at the top, is obsessed with executing their vision at the expense of everything else.
Being a visionary isn't necessarily a bad thing but they have failed to inspire confidence in that vision. Instead, they did the exact opposite by forbidding negative criticism and discussion as their way of addressing low morale and skepticism. This, among leadership's other consistently backwards ideas and policies, just reduced morale more and more. The worst part was that it wasn't hard to see why their vision wouldn't work. Leadership was just stubborn and refused to back down or admit that they're wrong even after negative reception from nearly all parts of the process. Instead, leadership chased their vision even harder.
Leadership’s drive to fulfill their vision despite objections from multiple departments and people was disheartening and they were also very sensitive to anyone who didn’t “get with the program.” People who agreed with leadership were pulled out of the production process and instead helped promote leadership’s vision in public-facing materials. They did this to steer player perception in their favor and then used “champion the players’ view” to enforce a sense of legitimacy. Implementation of features was then handed to team members that already had other tasks on their plate. Gallows humor has been used to cope with how painful playtests of leadership’s ideas were.
Leadership loved to manipulate data when there were creative disagreements. They cherry picked a limited subset of feedback from social media channels that aligned with their vision and insisted that it was actually from the overwhelming majority. It’s easy for them to do this since players parroted leadership’s propaganda. It hurt to be sidelined in favor of half-baked suggestions from strangers that mostly piggybacked off leadership’s already absurd ideas. It hurt even more watching the points of failure people indicated actually lead to the exact disaster they warned leadership about. To top it off, leadership drew terrible conclusions on where mistakes were made and will undoubtedly repeat them again.
Design had become an almost entirely top-down experience. The ideas leadership came up with were designated MVP to shut down criticism and to prevent resources from going to other systems. This made it difficult for everyone else to implement their designs and even then, leadership demanded revisions and would not discuss their reasoning beyond simply not liking a specific part, nor would they approve the design until those revisions were made. Their cronies did not have to undergo nearly as much scrutiny. Needless to say, these political games are not the kinds of games the company and its employees should be playing.
Despite the protests from the people below them, leadership slammed their decisions through with near fanatical conviction. Unsurprisingly, these antics and the overall general lack of confidence have led to dozens of people leaving. Those vacancies will inevitably be filled by people loyal to leadership, regardless of competence.
If current leadership is allowed to continue, then the company has no future. Leadership isn't fooling anyone by insisting everything is alright and that we are consistently destroying our competitors. That kind of delusion simply made people's self-preservation instinct stronger and increased their urgency to leave an obviously sinking ship. Everyone was painfully aware of leadership’s lack of project management skills. Because of leadership’s visionary nature, massive scope/feature creep and overcomplication of normally very simple systems were a regular occurrence. Leadership already bit off more than it could chew and chose to add even more work to the pile knowing we did not have time. The whole ordeal was reminiscent of “Pentagon Wars” especially with the people in charge getting promotions even after everything blew up in their face.
Making another blockbuster hit like past titles isn’t completely out of reach, but leadership is going in the exact opposite direction. Wait a few years for the current leadership and their cronies to be promoted to positions of irrelevance then consider coming here. If the company survives that far into the future, maybe producing wildly successful games will become possible again.
Advice to Management The current leadership is clearly not ready to lead. Just because you like another employee does not mean they should be seniors in roles they do not understand. Regardless of how much experience they have elsewhere, they need to be placed in roles they can perform. Be realistic about your plans. Massively increasing scope when we have already agreed on deadlines is a recipe for disaster. Scope creep kills projects and is something to avoid instead of something to practice. If you dismiss someone’s fears and it becomes a reality, you should probably take what they’re saying more seriously. Especially if it’s coming from more than one person.
The previous generation being present and taking the hands-off approach is admirable but not working. Intervene before it's too late. Otherwise, current leadership’s drive to prove itself will spell certain disaster for everyone still here.
Stop making overly idealistic assumptions about how our players actually play. There is a giant disconnect between the ideal leadership chases and how the game works out in the wild. Continuing to design games around some fantasy will only end in failure.
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2021.12.02 18:28 CocoaThumper Music Constantly Cutting Out

This used to only happen frequently on See Saw...but now, every other round the music cuts out of the level...and takes away from the experience.
Has anyone else noticed this with Season 6?
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2021.12.02 18:28 thumbsdrivesmecrazy SanityDesk - website, marketing automation, sales CRM, and support desk - all bundled out-of-the-box in the cloud

SanityDesk is designed for services businesses, whether consultants, coaches or many others and provides all the essential tools you need in one place: SanityDesk - Features

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2021.12.02 18:28 sunnythesillygoose I made some memes

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2021.12.02 18:28 datfonkycat How do I know when they’re ready to plant?

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2021.12.02 18:28 PokeCat55 As I was leaving the room, I said "You can come out now, I know you're hiding there."

I wasn't actually expecting to hear movement.
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2021.12.02 18:28 Rebeccca1020 Found this set a couple of months ago at a garage sale for $25!

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2021.12.02 18:28 avlitz Predictions on end of chapter event?

I think the cube queen might try and use all the cubes power to try and destroy the zero point which would result in everything going boom and a black hole 2.0 would appear.
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2021.12.02 18:28 emile27 Gym Bros; Should I ask for his number?

Hi guys, It's my first post here and I'm not really a beginner at asking guys out or anything just in a gym setting I'm curious as to how and if I should do this. Like I party a lot, have had my fair share of relationships/hookups all that and I'd say I have a 8.5/10 success rate at asking guys out just I'm not sure if the rules are different at the gym and I don't want to come off too strong. For a backstory: I joined the gym about 1 month ago and I have a few friends (and a fuckbuddy) who goes to the gym but I pretty much keep to myself and stick to my workouts. I tried a couple classes and everyone is friendly and nice but one guy specifically has caught my eye and well I think I caught his eye too. When I first joined the gym everyone would stare which was normal cause I have bright blonde platinum hair and I don't really look like anyone else so it was fine and everyone got used to me eventually. However this one guy a red head, freckled muscle guy with the body of a God would stare at me every time I walked past him. He always seemed highly immersed in his workouts and so am I so I never wanted to interrupt or disturb him so I just let it be. Anyway last week he continued to stare then at the end of his workout there are about 12 treadmills and he came directly next to mine and started to run with me for about 20 mins. I was a little caught off guard and out of breath so I didn't say anything but I took it as a sure sign he was expecting me to say something. I knew I wouldn't see him again for about 3 days so I planned on saying something the next time I saw him. However on Tuesday he was very immersed and he looked at me just we were at a distance the entire day. He did come into the yoga room but I was in the middle of a workout and didn't say anything. On Wednesday I decided I had enough of the staring and eye-fucking each other and I was going to make the first move. It took a while but I finally saw him take a short break and I went to a workout machine near him. Then went up and said Hi; We introduced ourselves and pleasantries and he was EXTREMELY friendly, gave me a fist-bump and was very chatty all while maintaining quite intense eye contact. I was the one who ended the conversation midway through because truly that day all I wanted was his name but I knew I also wanted his number but I didn't want to come off to strong and pushy. So I said goodbye and see you around and then continued my workout. Anyway after this he went out of his way to say goodbye to me "insert my name" (which is not a common or easy to remember name) and then he left.
Today however we were both busy and immersed in our workouts and I had to have a conversation with a few other guys at the gym so we never really had the chance to chat. I waved and smiled at him and he waved and smiled back. Then there was an awkward interaction where I was entering the bathroom while he was leaving so I figured it would have been inappropriate to talk there. Anyway I didn't ask his age but he seemed like an older man (28-32) and not like he was interested in a casual fling or hookup (which admittedly was my thought process at the start) but based off how friendly, warm, flirty and genuinely interested in me and chatting he was I felt like he wants more which I'm open to fully.
My question is: Would it be too much for me to go into the gym tomorrow or Saturday (both days I never attend the gym) just to ask his number (I would also still workout but specifically I want his number) Or is that too much and should I wait until next week. I'm about 80% sure he's gay and into it. I just would like some kind words and support from guys who have flirted interacted in a gym setting.
TLDR: Hot guy keeps staring at me in the gym, We interacted/flirted, Did not exchange numbers, Should I go to the gym an extra day and ask for his number and workout or?
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2021.12.02 18:28 Discotexx 3 unknown Acid Tracks

Hello, i look for these 3 old Acid Tracks. Thanks for any Ideas.
1_1/ Unknown Acid Trance - House Track Mid 90´s - YouTube
1_3/ Unknown Acid Trance Track 95 - YouTube
1_4/ Unknown Acid Track 94-95 - YouTube
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2021.12.02 18:28 newsdk Georg Metz: Som ubeskedenhedens personlighed kaster Messerschmidt sig i kamp for retten til at forlade skibbruddet sidst

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2021.12.02 18:28 OutrageousCC It's is honestly perfect.

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