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Enter is having a shill graphic contest!

2021.12.02 18:49 Amandala_enterART Enter is having a shill graphic contest!

✨✨ Hello everyone! ✨✨
This is a two-part contest 😎 Part one starts now! We want to see what kind of eye catching shill graphics you can come up with. You can choose if you want to make graphics for enter.art, enter.audio or for NFTART.finance, or all of them!
These graphics WILL be used by the community to shill the enter ecosystem.
We will choose 5 winners, all of which will lead to part two! This will happen after we chose the winners.
The winning graphics will than be used for our next shill contest on social media!
💲💲!!Each winner will win 5️⃣0️⃣BN NFTART!! 💲💲 We are excited to see what you come up with!
Guidelines ✔ - Include as much information as you can in the graphics to catch peoples eye - Dimensions: 1200:675 or broken down - Original content - Contest ends on Monday the 13th when the shill contest starts - Add entries here in the comment section below 🔻🔻🔻
Winners will be notified in the comment section below🔻🔻🔻

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2021.12.02 18:49 robmadden1 Day Trip to the Virginia Air & Space Science Center in Hampton, VA

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2021.12.02 18:49 ReadontheCrapper YA book series about 3 boys in a Jesuit school, read in the early 80s

I am pretty sure that I’m conflating two book series, The Three Investigators and another I can’t find. But maybe not?
In the second, there are three boys who attend a Jesuit boarding school, get into trouble, and I think solve mysteries. In one book, they talk about stealing a key, making a copy using a bar of soap, sneaking out to buy candy, and then running a black market shop in the school.
Is that also The Three Investigators, or a different series? Thanks!
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2021.12.02 18:49 LouiF1 Community question

Just curious how much people would pay for a match worn jeff lerma shirt? Play-off semis vs Brentford, It hasnt got a signature but has the badges that are won in the play-offs.
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2021.12.02 18:49 Sufficient_Corner_44 Dull muscle/bone ache?

Anyone here suffering from a dull ache bone/muscle ache months after your infection was cleared?
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2021.12.02 18:49 sfspaulding [Question] - unc0ver, Fugu14, and Checkra1n

Hi. I have been sitting on 14.4 iOS with my iPhone XR for some time, waiting patiently for a JB option. I see now that there is a semi-untethered option available involving Fugu14 and unc0ver. My initial plan was to wait for a checkra1n solution, which to my understanding may eventually become available.
My questions are as follows - does pursuing the Fugu/unc0ver option potentially have consequences for eventually pursuing checkra1n once that becomes available? Is there any downside to pursuing Fugu/unc0ver in the meantime? Is the eventual checkra1n solution expected to be superior in any way?
Sorry for the basic nature of some of those questions, I haven't looked into this stuff too much. Literally only doing this b/c I want to be able to text from my Windows PC. I should mention that this is not time sensitive/I'm happy to wait a few more months.
Thanks, Steve
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2021.12.02 18:49 smoothandsweetlips People are trying the hardest to bring us down!

Just think about who spends this much time trying to spread fud. Many of these redditors posting in this sub are not invested in Safemoon. They are in competition with us with other coins or exchanges. Don’t let them drag you down to their level. Check some of the post history’s and comment histories before you let it get you all riled up. The closer we get to the MOON the harder they come. Diamond hands are the way 🙌💎🙌😎🚀 so get fully on board and ready. Don’t mind waiting on life changing tech. Just don’t fall for it or put any effort in it just BELIEVE in the vision and the bigger picture!!! I love you guys and that is all…😎🚀 P.S. They want to break us. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Brush it off and get on here and spread some facts and positivity for the project and push the fud off the page. 😎
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Have been doing a ton of research, and both VVS and CronaSwap seem to be doing really cool things. Two big differences I can see is that CronaSwap burns tokens and has a much smaller circulating supply. Anyone know of any other major differences? Thanks in advance!
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So I’m second month of mini pill and haven’t had my period yet . Is this common side effect or should I worry
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2021.12.02 18:49 Memeroni72100 Anyone want to meet up at the Audacy beach festival?

I really want to go to this festival on Saturday but have no one to go with unfortunately. I'm still most likely going to go, but figured I would post on here to see if any of you guys would want to hang out there!
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2021.12.02 18:49 TrailRunn3r47 Random Rant

I started watching WWF/E with my brothers when I was younger. Everything was so captivating and I rewatch episodes to this day. Especially remembering being in middle school when certain episodes were aired and how I felt when I saw them. I’m 34 and remember being younger and having a cousin who religiously watched WCW. I never understood how he could watch that and not even attempt to watch what was going on in the Attitude Era. It’s nostalgic to me for many reasons because when the WCW came over I already remembered the names from my cousin boasting about them for so long. Wrestling was my childhood. It will always have a special place for me. Rant over
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2021.12.02 18:49 Beautiful_Pea_7134 She's cracking and doing the most on Twitter-

I guess she didn't like her bullshit cash grab disguised as a charity being exposed and she's BIG MAD but trying to go cover it with her tried and true passive aggressive gaslighting. She's out there brittle af....imminent breakdown in 3...2...
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2021.12.02 18:49 RangerFrank Deathworld Commando: Reborn- Vol.2- Ch.32- The Tunnel of Broken Dreams and the Warden's Seal of Approval. Part.2

Cover|Vol.1|Previous|Next|Map|Wiki+Discord|Royal Road
Suprise it's a mid-anti-spoiler line update. Got a new map for you guys, here. Discord saw it first :)
I recommend opening the map up in a separate tab so you can zoom in or just download the imagine and view it that way. Now please understand that this is my second time ever trying to do this so I know the map isn't all that great. Correct distancing, lakes, rivers, accurate mountain ranges that make sense, other normal things I probably have no idea about? Don't worry about it. If you have to ask why it's because of MAGIC.
Just look at the map as a rough estimate of where everything is. I also haven't named smaller towns/cities because when I tried to do that the map became extremely cluttered and looked downright terrible, so sorry. I've also placed a few things in there for the future :)
Keep in mind this is just the map for the continent that Kaladin is on currently. Amoth, the second continent will come at a different time.
Enjoy part.2
About a week after my failed tunnel reconnaissance Sylros notified me that today I would be having an audience with Mayor Sandervile. In all my time here at the mansion, I have never spoken to the man. Only at the auction a year ago did I speak to him. I see him from time to time but slaves rarely interact with him. Only his most trusted servants serve him directly.
I was waiting in the servant quarters alone dressed to impress in my newest uniform. It was the same black and orange uniform as before but it was recently tailored since I’ve grown a bit. But not by much if I’m being honest… I’ve regained some muscle and fat again and no longer look like a ghoul. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’ve continued with what little physical exercise I can manage.
I’ve also been procuring a good amount of extra food from the kitchen. Even though I eat 3 square meals a day during my scheduled day I manage to fit in about a whole extra meal’s worth of food throughout the day. I’m also not the only one that does this. It’s common practice for us servants and slaves to eat “The kitchen rejects” as Muriel dubbed them. Some of the Chefs are slaves so perhaps they do it on purpose just to spite Head Chef Kando.
“Kali! Are you ready?” Adria asked me as she bounded into the room.
She was not supposed to be in here… but well I guess nobody can really stop her.
“I’m ready, let’s go, Young Master.”
“I told you not to call me that when it’s just us! ADRIA, that’s my name, not stupid Young Master or Young Lady, got it?” she said while punching me playfully in the arm.
“Sure thing, Lady Adria.”
“You…! Now you are just making fun of me!”
“Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s go, Adria, before Sylros has a stroke,” I said.
“What’s a stroke?” she asked as she tilted her head.
“Don’t worry about it.”
Together we headed towards the central staircase to the third floor. I have yet to go to the third floor so I was interested to see if it looked any different. And as I crested the top stairs and took stock of the hallway I realized that any kind of fantasy I had about the third floor just wasn’t true. Uniformity was the design of this mansion so I should have curbed any expectations as the third floor looked just like the second…
Adria guided me towards her father’s office and she asked me,
“This is your first time on the third floor, right Kali?”
“Mhm, I’ve never been up here,” I responded.
“It’s kinda boring up here. I just go to sleep in my room and go to Daddy’s study sometimes but that’s it. I don’t really like being up here honestly…”
“Really? Why’s that? Shouldn’t you like the place you sleep?” I asked.
“I mean I like my room but I don’t like being up here because…. uhhh…. nevermind” Adria trailed off as she began to speak quickly and turned away from me.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing!” She yelled while skipping away faster than I could walk.
Where are you going? You’re supposed to be my guide…
Adria was acting weird, normally she had no problems telling me what was on her mind or telling anyone for that matter. Maybe she didn’t like being up here because it reminded her of her mother? But she wasn’t skittish enough to not say something like that… Whatever.
I just followed the general direction she headed until I found Adria, Muriel, Martin, and Ester waiting in the hallway. Most of the third floor was just hallways with lots of doors that I imagined led to bedrooms. I was sure that the Mayor’s personal guards lived up here along with his family. Sylros as well had a room up here along with a few of the servants who were of more noble birth.
I bowed to Muriel and the two guards and announced my presence. Martin who was standing next to the large double doors didn’t even react, was he sleeping standing up? I was pretty sure he was snoring. Ester just narrowed her eyes at me and said nothing. Adria looked away from me and Muriel gave me a wry smile as she beckoned me over,
“Come wait over here, Kaladin. Lord Sandervile is finishing a meeting with an ambassador.”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
Together the 5 of us waited outside of the room in silence. Martin was definitely snoring and Ester was just dogging me the entire time. Muriel paid nobody any mind and stood at attention. Adria had her arms crossed and refused to make eye contact with me or anyone else.
At first, we waited 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 10 minutes turned into 20 minutes. And 20 minutes passed into 30 minutes. After that, I stopped counting. Finally, the door swung open with Sylros holding it open and bowing. Martin snapped awake and gave a slight bow along with Ester. Adria didn’t budge and like the trained dogs we were Muriel and I bowed correctly. When I gazed up to look at the man who was walking out my chest sank and my heart rate increased.
“Redder, the deader”, One of the final things Squeaks ever told me.
At first, I didn’t understand that Dwarven saying but now I get it. The man walking out from the office in purple formal attire was a vampire. Unlike Jessine whose bottom quarter of her eyes were crimson red this man’s eyes had 4 rings of red. The other parts of his eyes were white and even though he had more red in his eyes they still looked just as lifeless when you compared them to everyone else’s eyes in this world. I could feel his gaze bore into me as he strode past us and went right straight to Adria, the atmosphere from the guards and Sylros became tense,
“Lady Adrianna, it’s an honor to be able to see you today. My master, Duke Arnet, sends his warmest regards. He hopes that your family will consider visiting our land someday. Do let this most humble messenger know if such interest ever arises, we would be overjoyed to welcome you to our dukedom,” The vampire said in a sickly sweet voice.
He was a tall man and his features resembled that of a High Elf, with high pointed ears, sharp facial features, and blonde hair. Jessine was of Human descent but it seemed this man was Elven. However, unlike Sylros who I could tell was part High Elf, I didn’t get the same feeling about this vampire. His pale skin and crimson eyes didn’t resonate any kinship within my Elven blood.
“Ah, yes, thank you for the invitation, good sir… but I’ll have to decline, sorry…” Adria said awkwardly.
“That is a shame. Please do notify me if you ever have a change of heart,” He smiled.
Adria just nodded her head and the man took his leave. The tense atmosphere had faded as he rounded the corner. Sylros then approached Adria and asked her something in a hushed voice but she just shook her head. Then he strode over to me, he looked me up and down while nodding then wiped off imaginary dust that was on my shoulders.
“You’ve cleaned up well, good work,” Sylros said honestly.
“Thank you, sir. I hope I have met your expectations,” I responded.
“You have, now then, Kaladin you will be coming with me. Muriel, Lord Sandervile has also asked for your presence. Young Master Adrianna, your father asked that you please stay out here.” For Sylros to use Adria’s full first name he was being awfully serious today.
“What?! But I wanna be there too!” Adria complained.
“I’m afraid your father has explicitly ordered me to have you wait out here, I’m truly sorry, Young Master,” Sylros said with a bow.
Adria just huffed and stormed away with her fists balled. She was clearly displeased with the verdict but Adria never went against her father’s direct orders. She might complain but that was about it and Sylros never lied about Mayor Sandervile’s orders or used them as a way to control Adria. If he uttered a request or order that included Mayor or Lord Sandervile then it was meant to be taken very seriously.
Sylros looked somewhat crestfallen as Adria stormed away but he motioned for us to follow him into the study. As I entered the office I tried to glean as much information as possible in one go. Sitting behind a large wooden desk was Mayor Sanrervile himself, he looked all the part of a general, his intense gaze followed us as we walked into the room. Behind him, to his right standing upright, was Sir Bril the commander of the royal guard in his blue-colored plate armor.
Pinned to the right side of the wall was a map of the content of Illyrcium, it was my first time seeing a complete map of this continent so I tried my best to get a good look at it.
All three of us bowed deeply and Sylros introduced us,
“Lord Sandervile, I have brought the slaves Kaladin and Muriel before you as you have instructed.”
“Sylros, has the boy completed his training?” Mayor Sandervile asked.
“Yes, my Lord. Over the last year, Kaladin has shown exemplary work in his training. I personally feel that he is both prepared and determined to meet any task that is required of him in service to this house,” Sylros responded.
“Such praise for a single slave, Sylros. What makes him so deserving of your recommendation?” Questioned Mayor Sandervile as he stroked his trimmed beard.
“Kaladin has shown tremendous growth in just a year’s time and he isn’t even past his first decade of life yet. Although he has failed miserably in his duties regarding food preparation he has gone above and beyond the call in all other areas. Despite his crippled leg Kaladin has never once complained about his duties and sees to it that he meets every expectation that is put upon his shoulders. His attitude is that of the ideal servant and I find his work ethic to be commendable. All servants in House Sandervile should strive to be as Kaladin is,” Sylros said without hesitation.
I knew I was trying my best but this was not what I expected. For Sylros to praise me so openly filled me with both warmth and sickness. The last thing I wanted to be praised for was my ability to serve others. But hearing kind words from the man I’ve spent a better part of a year learning from felt good. I might be a slave and a servant to this hell hole but Sylros’s words of praise were genuine, I think.
“I see. And what of Adria’s desires? Have they wavered at all over the last year?”
“I don’t believe Young Master Adrianna’s desires haven’t changed in the slightest, my Lord. If anything she wants Kaladin to be her servant now more than she ever did in the past,” Sylros responded.
Mayor Sandervile sighed and began to massage his face, “I believe it is as you say, Sylros. I believe my daughter’s wish is for that to become true. With her 10th birthday coming up next year along with the planned welcoming of dignitaries from Luminar her only request has been to have this boy become her servant. After hearing such praise from one of my most trusted retainers I would be a poor father and man if I did not accept your honest praise of the boy,” Mayor Sandervile said.
Then looked straight at me, “So tell me, boy. Are you going to serve my daughter to the best of your abilities? Even until she is old and frail? Will you serve her as your mentor Sylros has served me?
“My Lord, I shall meet any and all expectations placed upon me. I shall do whatever it is you ask of me,” I said loud and clearly.
“That’s not what I asked you, little Elf. I asked if you will serve my daughter as Sylros has served me. Will you place your life into the hands of my daughter and follow any and all her orders, even if it means your death?
I screamed at myself internally for what I was about to say. Making promises had become sacred to me at some point. I’ve made promises to many people in my lives. Some I did my absolute best to keep, others I outright failed to keep, and some I even broke of my own volition.
I promised myself I would return home to my family and my friends. I made big lofty promises like trying to be the best son in the world. I made a promise as a son to the father I loved to maintain my hair so that we could enjoy a special day together. I even promised an odd Dwarf that I would free him from his chains one day. I’ve made many promises, some small, others large but I always had the purest intentions to see them through to the end. Besides that one time, I lied to Dad about not trying magic, sorry Dad.
But today I was going to make a promise I never intended on keeping.
“I promise to serve your daughter, Adrianna Sandervile, with every ounce of my being. If she ordered me to jump, I will jump. If she orders me to die, then I shall die. Whatever it may be, I shall follow her will. It’s the least I could do for her, saving my life that was already forfeit,” I said with so much conviction that I felt like I was going to vomit. It took me a few moments to realize why I sounded like that or why I felt sick to my stomach. It was because I hadn’t spoken like that in over 9 years…
“You speak the truth, I can tell. It’s a shame there is no longer a war and that you are crippled. Perhaps if you were born healthier and a few years earlier I would have turned you into a fine soldier after hearing your resolve,” Mayor Sandervile said with a chuckle.
Not a chance old man. There isn’t anything you could ever teach me about war.
Then he got serious again, “However, I can not let a single slave boy attend to my only daughter. You may be young now but I’m no fool, things change. Boys turn into men eventually rather than be slaves or soldiers, it happens to all of us. Which is why I have called you in today, Muriel.”
Is he suggesting? I guess he is. I don’t have those kinds of urges towards Adria or anyone for that matter. Actually, if it was Jessine and Alnwar, I’d kill them given the chance. Even if they were sleeping I’d do it. But I understand where he is coming from. I mean I wouldn’t trust myself not to kill someone.
Mayor Sandervile stood from behind his desk and spoke to both of us, “Muriel, I understand you were Isha’s personal attendant at one point. She always spoke fondly of you and Sylros speaks highly of your skills. Although you have already been performing these duties for many years, I shall be making it official as of today. Henceforth you two shall be in direct service to my daughter, Adrianna Marie Sandervile. On top of your duties as my daughter’s personal servant, Muriel, you shall be making up for Kaladin and his shortcomings. As the veteran servant between the two of you, I expect that you will keep Kaladin in line if it ever comes down to such things.”
“Yes, my lord. I shall do as you command,” Muriel responded with a bow.
“Good, you two shall go and swear your loyalty to Adrianna today. However, let it be known that I am still the Lord of this house. Although you will be in direct service to my daughter it goes without saying whose word is absolute, have I made myself clear?” Mayor Sandervile said with a thinly veiled threat.
““Yes, my lord”” We both responded in unison and with a deep bow.
“Sylros, Bril, be my witnesses and see to it that these two swear their loyalty.”
“Yes, as you command, my lord,” Sylros bowed.
“Sir,” Bril responded quickly and with a salute. I’ve never heard the man speak before until now but his voice was much higher pitched than I was expecting.
The four of us would leave and Muriel and I would end up swearing our loyalty to Adria in the presence of Sylros and Bril. Adria had been expecting just me to do it so she was surprised that Muriel had ended up swearing her loyalty as well.
It was hard to tell if she was happy or not as she seemed conflicted about the whole idea of us swearing our loyalty to her. I feel she might actually see Muriel and me as friends and not servants. Adria doesn’t even give me real orders half the time, instead, I just do what is expected of me as a servant.
But if that was what Adria wanted then I was more than fine with that. By becoming her personal servant I would be able to shrink away from my duties as a slave which will allow me to have more free time and fewer expectations. All good things in the end.
Was this arrangement going to work out until I escaped this place? I have no idea. But I hope Adria doesn’t suddenly grow tired of me. If she were to release me from servitude I would probably be sold back into slavery considering I’m below average in physical abilities right now.
Sorry, little Adria, you are just going to be another stepping stone for my eventual escape.
|Vol.1|Previous|Next|Map|Wiki+Discord|Royal Road
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2021.12.02 18:49 Golira_Ape Need help with replacement parts for my quest 2

I need new controllers and a new head strap but oculus doesn't support my country so they cannot send it to me, I also have no family outside my country who can send it to me. What can I do?
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