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Másfél milliárd forintos budai villát vett Áder János alapítványa

2021.12.02 18:00 telex_bot Másfél milliárd forintos budai villát vett Áder János alapítványa

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2021.12.02 18:00 alielder3 Ein Lauf

Mein Atem stockt Während du so salopp Mit meinen Augen spielst Mich nie verlierst Denn ich gebe mich auf Für einen gemeinsamen Lauf
Das Ziel, Unendlichkeit Zu gehen, sind wir bereit Schreite in den Hain Dessen Abbild, dein Sein Dessen gold'ne Früchte Als etwas uns'rer Gelüste
Nun genießen wir beid Und vergessen das Leid Ich schmeck' die Aromen Das Spiel so verlogen Doch ich bitte dich Verirr dich nicht
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2021.12.02 18:00 Sweet-Rosemarry Advice for moving abroad to teach?

Hello y’all!
I’m a college student in the US with hopes of moving abroad to teach. When I’m done with my schooling, I’ll have a master’s degree.
I was wondering if anyone here had any advice on how to make that happen? Do’s or Don’ts? Personal stories? Anything.
For reference, I’m an art teacher.
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2021.12.02 18:00 Matakishi 2021 Painting Update #12 Landsknechts

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2021.12.02 18:00 SavagesTotsys Free WL spots on savagesTotsys only 666 NFTs to drop 08 December

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2021.12.02 18:00 S-L-M- [Spoilers ep9] This Damn show and its emotional roller-coaster and state its left me in

WOW!! First want to say how great of a series and adaptation Arcane is. The story, the visuals, the characters and the backgrounds and depth they are given.. excellent! And the soundtrack, which many songs are stuck in my head , randomly popping up, which cause recall of the scenes and in turn all the emotions and all of this..
Those damn 'Guns for hire' and 'What could have been' scenes... :(
Trying to keep this as short as I can, sorry in advance for the length.
After finishing season one almost a week ago now, the series has hit me more and stayed on my mind more than I feel any series or movie had in a while and it's weird, so to try and clear my head and get it out there, here it all is.... my jumbled thoughts from this series :/
Main thing that's seeming to hit me and occupy my mind is Vi and Jinx's story.
Knowing their lore from the game going in was one thing, but getting their background in act 1, seeing what and how they were together and everything they both have gone through..
Vi spending act 2 trying to find PowdeJinx. Jinx's mental state and turmoil. Her wanting Vi back too. The years of manipulation and everything unknown that Jinx went through between act 1 and 2, the psychological damage she's suffered since the end of ep. 3. The guns for hire track during the smoke signal, the moment PowdeJinx chose Vi and their life again, the showing of her guilt (Mylo,one of the strongest voices haunting and pushing her, and Claggor) Vi seeing the smoke and knowing its Powder. Then their small reunion on the tower, ending with Jinx losing Vi again after so long, being left alone again :(
Then there's Vi not giving up through act 3 and seeing more of the confusion in Jinx regarding Vi and the things Silco and others like Sevika were telling her, twisting situations and Jinx's perception of things all while part of her still wants her sister back and her love. Even after the shimmer treatment she gets from Singed, which caused the hallucinations that only twisted her views more and had strengthened the manipulation that was already there and pushed her more into the Jinx persona, part of her still wanted to be back with Vi and in some way, their life together again.
Lastly the tea party at the end. Vi still fighting for PowdeJinx, seeing more of how messed up and confused Jinx is about everything, all the voices she's been dealing with. Even her seeming reluctance on picking and sitting in the Jinx chair, the hurt she shows, physically and through her last words with Vi, how she still seems to be wanting her sister, wanting her in her life, her understanding and acceptance of who she is now, but from Silco's accidental killing and his last words and how he said them to Jinx which seems to have strengthened his influence on her and the Jinx persona. Still believe there's some parts of Powder in her still, maybe not as much or the way Vi originally thought, but she's still Powder, still Vi's little sister wanting her big sister too.
(Her firing the rocket, I don't believe it was that moment Silco had originally planned it being used, or may not even be the original target. Nor do I think Jinx knew they were all inside (how could she have with everything that was going on leading to and during the tea party), but in her state of mind at the time, felt it right to use it then and targeted the biggest symbol of Piltovers position over Zaun, the council building. Interesting to see if any deaths from it, how it will affect Jinx)
The actually seeing it all, the soundtrack used throughout, the visuals, the details in their expressions (might be the biggest thing that's making me feel for them and hitting me) makes it hit so much harder, which I get is part of what Riot and the Arcane team were going for.
Like many others on here, I'm really hoping things can get better between them. I know in no way can they be like they were together in act 1, they've both changed so much from then and so much has happened. I'm just hoping through season 2 some kind of reconciliation can be had between them and through the season they keep that sisterly connection and love. Them wanting to find each other still and regain the other in their life and for them to be okay and happy... not have them hating each other and wanting/trying to kill each other. The season 2 tease leaves me a little hopeful and feeling they likely aren't going that way, which is good.
Yes the game lore has them on opposite sides, but I've never gotten the impression they hate each other or are trying to, nor wanting to kill each other in game lore, so I don't think they'd make that a change for the show.
That said, they also don't have to follow game lore exact, especially character lore that is now, 8, 9 years old. They can change and evolve the characters in game to in ways match a new direction, like Arcane.
Compared to the type of game League of Legends is, where the lore can be how it is, as there's no real story players play through or to follow as you play matches. A series/movie on the other hand has different mechanics, structures and expectations, for viewers and story.
From what I recall of their game lore, they kind of are already covering it and completing it in a sense, so continuing the series, they can use it to tell a full, complete story for this cast. One they can't necessarily do as well through the game and if they do that, it in no way will impact or require the game to be changed at all.
For a show like this, the build ups they've had, the slight changes already made to pre existing lore, the depth of each character.. having the first season be so much about Vi and Jinx's/Powder's connection and love for each other, can't imagine they'd abandon that in a second season, even with how season one ended, especially with the connection and HOPE viewers clearly have and want for them.
I think Vi and Jinx have earned and deserve some kind of reconciliation to stay in each other's lives and keep their love for each other and to both really be happy, in some way, as even with how season one ended, they both still seem to want each other's love, understanding, acceptance and keep in each other's lives.
This season has left me in such an emotional state now...
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2021.12.02 18:00 xenokilla Mild traffic spike.

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2021.12.02 18:00 Edmond-Cristo Should we go ahead with the operation for Perineal hernia? [Chihuahua, Male, 4 years ]

Age:4 years
Sex/Neuter status:Male/Intact
Body weight:3.6kg
History: No previous issues
Clinical signs: Bulge at the back
Duration: 2-3 days

My 4 year old Chihuahua has developed a perineal hernia (vet diagnosis).
The vet was rather surprised as perineal hernia usually affects older dogs?
Not sure whether to operate or to let it be, the vet first advised to operate then advised to monitor for about 2-3 weeks before making a decision about surgery. Pup is urinating/pooping/acting/eating/playing normally.Doesn't seem to be in pain. Seem to be pursuing the other lady dogs in the household with even more enthusiasm :)

  1. Should we wait and see? or go ahead with the surgery? worried about complications, not being able to urinate, etc
  2. Operate ASAP? not too keen on the pup being anesthetized. Also the risk of reoccurrence.
  3. Feeding as normal, hope this is OK (with extra boiled eggs and goat's milk)
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2021.12.02 18:00 iTzSTU4RT Patch Notes 2.6 Breakdown!

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2021.12.02 18:00 ThorStark007 Now, they know what right-wing people feel like

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2021.12.02 18:00 Tbrainee I want Stellar Lumens XLM to stay cheap forever, best coin!

Everyone of us has their favorite coins and everyone wishes their coin to rise in price...almost everyone except me.
My favorite coin is Stellar Lumens [XLM], but I wish this coin to stay cheap forever!!!
You may be confused and ask why the heck someone doesn't want to be wealthy, but instead wants their coin to stuck like clue at same price levels. The answer is easy:
Stellar Lumens XLM is the best utility coin when it comes to deposits and withdrawals from exchange to exchange, wallets to wallets.
Ever wanted to withdraw ET H from exchange to your wallet? $15 or more as withdrawal fee and minimum 0.005 ET H or more.
Tried to withdraw LRC from exchange to wallet? 10 LRC withdrawal fee, minimum 20 LRC.
And ADA withdrawal fee are 1 ADA, minimum withdrawal amounts are 5 ADA.
Of course all examples might vary depending on which exchange you use, but almost all of them charge very little for XLM:
XLM withdrawal fee: 0.001 XLM = $0.0003362
XLM minimum amount to withdraw: 25 XLM = $8.405
What a delight!
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2021.12.02 18:00 frostmanga Great Amazon JJK deal!! They also have 0 as part of the deal

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2021.12.02 18:00 Lexon2800 tis the month

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2021.12.02 18:00 torneix really cool video for y'all old school gamers around here

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2021.12.02 18:00 OCapalot14 S4 Poster is tuff🔥

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2021.12.02 18:00 alle15minuten Gerade ist es December 02, 2021 at 10:00PM

Gerade ist es December 02, 2021 at 10:00PM
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2021.12.02 18:00 Council_Bird No makeup apart from red lipstick, do I look bare?

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2021.12.02 18:00 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/what-are-manga-and-anime/
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2021.12.02 18:00 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Biden says there won't be a gov't shutdown Friday ¦ Associated Press on Youtube

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2021.12.02 18:00 lmaosmh Looks more like just west of the rune rocks in the wilderness to me

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2021.12.02 18:00 Sad-Soundcloud DJ SMOKEY X SOUDIERE X NXXXXXS - TRIP THRU HELL

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2021.12.02 18:00 abwehrstellle Quran describes itself as a instrument of guidance 3:96 a light 4:174 a distinguished 25:1 a reminder 20:3 healer and admonition 10:57 the light 7:157 4:174 Truth 17:81 explanation of all things 16:89 17:12 18:54 eye-opening evidence 45:20 convincing proof 4:174 Good news 27:2...

Clear signs of wisdom 10:1 31:2-3 the rope of God 3:103
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2021.12.02 18:00 batinax 'J*** MATER ONOME TKO JE GLASAO ZA SMRADA!' Riječka profesorica zbog Milanovića 'izvan sebe', nije birala riječi da nagadi predsjednika

'J*** MATER ONOME TKO JE GLASAO ZA SMRADA!' Riječka profesorica zbog Milanovića 'izvan sebe', nije birala riječi da nagadi predsjednika submitted by batinax to croatia [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 18:00 ultrahkr Replacing 2 HDD in TrueNAS SCALE?

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2021.12.02 18:00 Redspade_ED 2022 5* RB Raleek Brown commits to USC

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