Thoughts on Joyland?

2021.10.23 01:27 snailspace89 Thoughts on Joyland?

I really enjoyed it overall. Just wanted to see what others thought.
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2021.10.23 01:27 Dying_Bloodbirds Y'all anti-marriage dudes are proving the women right

Just read a thread on here with dudes talking about how marriage is a scam and that Kevin is wrong about marriage blah blah. You are the very shit these goofy hos are worried about. They're worried about guys just pumping and dumping and leaving them to raise a kid, so they go get a PhD and say "fuck all men" and try to do it themselves. Y'all don't see the cyclical thinking? You are proving them right. If you are a man and you think having a wife and raising a family is a bad thing, why are you even here? Worldstatiktok memes?
I get the fear with the biased laws and stuff. But happy marriages still exist. Good women still exist. I ain't trying to tell anybody how to live their lives, but see the forest for the trees.
Damn Kevin needs to go back to making vids about men soon.
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2021.10.23 01:27 winterlover23 Guys please share your tips

So I have my GRE on Wednesday and I'm moderately confident I can handle the quant and verbal sections But I've constantly ignored the writing section and I have 0 clue how to go about it. 0 CLUE. Please please help me out guys,how can I go about it?
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2021.10.23 01:27 BVanStratum Darkrai Raids Inviting 10

FC: 9550 5566 8882
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2021.10.23 01:27 farrahmoon Work Place stress?

How does one stop being so stressed out and invested at work? The company I work for his very disorganized. They don't even have an employee handbook and every day there are new rules put into place or old rules or altered. Sometimes, I've caught them pretending like they announced a change and everyone else is in the wrong for not following those changes that they were never made aware of. All of the management is so unorganized and disconnected from one another that its nearly impossible to stay on top of it all. Which, I think is the root of some issues. They all assume other managers made the announcements but then they're not made in the end.
We all work remotely from home as well so these updates are issued over instant messaging software and they're often lost in the shuffle unless you're paying attention to the messages your entire shift including your breaks and time off. I've requested that all the updates be put into one concise email on a consistent schedule to we can refer to them and they've ignored the request. So, now I'm in a place where what is expected of me changes every day and sometimes I'm not even notified of what is expected of me then I am reprimanded for it. Example being one time my head supervisor called me out for not being productive in front of 45 people because my lead didn't notify the supervisor of placing me on a special project. I received no apologies from the supervisor and only got a message from my lead that the supervisor hadn't opened up her messages about my special project until AFTER publicly embarrassing me. I believe the message was, "@[My name] how come you aren't assisting your team members right now?" Another example being that I was off for a day, not told of a change that was made when I was off, and came back to a write up regarding that change. Basically.....made a mistake that wasn't a mistake at the time and retroactively got in trouble for it cause the supervisor forgot to make the announcement earlier.
I'm trying my best to just come into work, keep my head down and not say a single word, and clock out. I'm struggling though because I feel like I have to keep asking questions and clarifying that what I am doing is proper protocol since things change so fast. However, anytime I ask questions I get shamed in some way for doing so. Even though they claim to have a positive work environment and the encourage questions. How does one removes themselves from the job and just work and stop thinking about it/caring about receiving praise for a job well done? It feels like they set a goal and then when you're near it they move the goal post 500 more feet away all the time. It's gotten to be so bad that one night this week I was only able to get 30 minutes of sleep because I was up all night crying from anxiety about having to go in the next morning. I even had a meeting with my lead about my concerns and it just seems like it did nothing other than make me look weak and whiny.
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2021.10.23 01:27 BasicDuddyD Whats one thing you wish you could take back or wish youve never done?

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2021.10.23 01:27 vlryse Hogwarts, but make it conan

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2021.10.23 01:27 SparkysJewelry65 Like BC Clark at Christmas This Reminds Me of Halloween in OK

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2021.10.23 01:27 SignificantAd6556 Communication problems

My bf (22M) and I (21F) have been together for a bit over a year now. We had a really rough patch in our relationship this summer when we had opposite work schedules (like I would work 7a-7p and he would work 7p-7a) and we were both pulling a ton of overtime and were burnt out all the time. We still have conflicting schedules as I’m a college student and he’s just getting started in his career so we do not talk a lot as it is. Us not talking much is something that we have both discussed and are okay with for now as we don’t have control of our schedules and utilize the little time that we do have to talk. However, there was a point this summer where I had sent him multiple texts (calls were off the table mostly at this point as we had opposite sleep/work schedules) and did not hear from him for 3 days. Once I heard from him he just said he has been extremely tired and busy and it’s not like he has forgotten about me or us, it’s just that he had gotten so swept up in everything else. I do fully believe that he has the best intentions and meant no harm, however I told him I would not ask for the bare minimum of hearing from him again. I also told him that even just a simple text saying he’s busy and will talk to me when he is able is totally okay. And here we are, probably about 3 months later. He left my house on Tuesday night and I have not heard from him since. It doesn’t appear like he’s been on social media at all, although that is common for him anyway. I know his mom or sister would have told me if anything happened and he was not okay or there was an extenuating circumstance. I have sent him two texts and have not heard back resulting in me sending another text telling him that we should talk. The thing is, I’m not even sure what I want to say. I want to reiterate the fact that I had said I would not ask for the bare minimum again, but I guess I’m realizing that when I said it I really didn’t expect it to happen again. I guess I’m having a hard time establishing boundaries and I do not know how to even properly hold those boundaries. I don’t want to end the relationship, but I don’t know how else to hold a boundary. I’ve never had a healthy relationship demonstrated in my life, even though this feels like one I don’t really know where to go from here. TLDR: I established a boundary with my boyfriend and now do not know what to do that the boundary hasn’t been respected
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2021.10.23 01:27 Impossible_Bat9697 Last one needed! Need Grimer for LGE. I will trade Alolan Vulpix/Ninetails, Alolan Meowth/Persian, or any other needed LGE exclusives!

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2021.10.23 01:27 Zoenlogo Lucha Libre | Canon F1, 50mm f1.4, Expired Velvia 50

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2021.10.23 01:27 ZoolShop Unstoppable Domains is moving to Polygon, making NFT domains free to claim and manage starting on November 15th

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2021.10.23 01:27 gimmegimmegimme599 squier strat total upgrade help

i have a stock 1989 squier 2 korea strat. never done this before so need some guidance. my plan was take off the pickguard, take out the pickups and wires, take off neck and paint the body, change the tuners, change the nut to bone, upgrade bridge, connect a rail style bridge pickup directly to the jack (add just a volume knob to deal with feedback), and plug in and play. how does that sound? the neck is impressive especially for a cheap squier. it was when they were still putting japan necks on korean models.
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2021.10.23 01:27 srs122 Real Life Walt Grace: The Brazilian man who built a homemade submarine finally finishes the journey. After almost 4 years of preparation and construction he makes a beautiful dive into the sea!

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2021.10.23 01:27 gm2451 Old man of the woods? Found in Southern MA.

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2021.10.23 01:27 UnanimousFunk '16 Mercedes-AMG GT3

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2021.10.23 01:27 sumimaseny [Omega] Seamaster 300m Mid-Size

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2021.10.23 01:27 PlayerGyan UNM hitters...2 or 3 keys. FoxForceFive looking for more members. At least 50k for CvC...apply in game

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2021.10.23 01:27 Novastarlight5 Extreme headaches for a while now :(

Hey mamas , I’m 22 weeks and since being pregnant I’ve had a big increase in my headaches but the second trimester they have gotten exponentially worse and I find myself going to bed and waking up with pretty bothersome ones each night and day . Is anyone else struggling with this ?
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2021.10.23 01:27 euphoricblisseternal What route should Saw X take?

We don't need a sequel to the original series following Saw 3D... we don't need a sequel to Jigsaw or Spiral... we just need something different.
Bringing Tobin back as Jigsaw is crucial, and i think from there just bringing us back to that world of the original Saw, that's where the pulse and heartbeat of the fans lies!! :)
Going back to that indie low budget style, a slow-burn sprawling mystery and character study, following clues and unfolding a mystery as the movie progresses, with detectives and intrigue. That's where the power lies.
It's not even a risky move, this is what most fans want i believe. And hiring brand new writers is crucial, or bringing back Leigh and James to write + direct would be the most ideal but not realistic lol.
Hopefully the producers hire the right creative artists, and just take a huge step back creatively. The less they control where the series goes, the better. Saw 1 and Saw 2 were written with full creative control by the writers, lets hire the right people and bring that back.
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2021.10.23 01:27 anonymous_alt774 I think the person I was talking to committed suicide

I'm not sure what to do or think right now. I was feeling down and went to Omegle to talk to some people and I met this guy who seemed to be in the same situation as me.
He was saying what's the point of living and that there is no point. We were agreeing with one another and sharing our issues. Then he ended with 'My time has come. Thank you for your time, stranger. In another life' and then he disconnected. I'm not sire what to think and whether or not he did do it and if I should've done more or something to stop him.
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2021.10.23 01:27 MLG_Ethereum How do merchants typically code purchases from 7/11?

Before I get downvoted to oblivion, please understand why I’m asking what seems to be a stupid question. I am moving to Taiwan in 3 weeks! Specifically Taipei. There are 7/11s on literally every single corner and it is the most common convenience store in the country. I have never actually seen one with gasoline or pumps, just convenience stores.
So question - does 7/11 code transactions as a convenience store or gas station? Which CC would be best for rewards in this situation? Must not have foreign transaction fees.
I will be spending almost 90% of my money at 7/11 because it is used to refill metro card and actually has higher quality prepared goods then what you typically get in the US.
Please give me some suggestions. I currently only have two cards: 1) CSP with $5,000 limit 2) Discover IT with $1,500 limit
The discover IT was opened 6 years ago. Got approved for my CSP in September 2021.
Income: 90k
FICO score: 736
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2021.10.23 01:27 1nsertusern4me Mando foto de mi verga a tu amiga, novia, hermana, quien quieras. Manda dm

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2021.10.23 01:27 syahmipenyu First time here, My fav cloud pic.

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2021.10.23 01:27 notnicole19 swollen lump on jaw

I have this really painful lump on my jaw, I have had it since I was born, Except it used to get big when I was sick and would go away when I wasn't. For two years straight it has been getting bigger and bigger, to the point where it is a hard ball, bigger than a marble (size of like a lollipop) . It is a completely hard ball and feels like two now. It is also painful to touch.
I have gone to the doctors and I am on a waiting list to see a surgeon to get it removed. But its been 1 year and its even bigger and more painful than before.
It's seriously messing with my self esteem and my parents don't think it's serious because I have had it for so long and they won't do anything unless I am bleeding and dying on the floor.

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