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MY PRICES: Crypto ( BTC , LTC , USDT ... ) + Paypal Friend & Family
  1. Can I get my own account upgraded?
Of course. I will upgrade your account to premium. As long as you're not a family member.
  1. Will I need to give you my login details?
Absolutely not, just provide your gmail address and then confirm the invitation to complete
  1. Do I have to change my country or use VPN?
Absolutely not.
4. Do I have to renew monthly?
Absolutely not. It is renewed automatically and you do nothing for the duration of its usage
5. Is my account at risk?
Absolutely not. All my upgrades are legal. So no risk, no banned, no kicked.
6. How does the warranty work?
Warranty is fulltime. If my method stops working, the remaining warranty period will be reserved until I find a new method. no refund.
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2021.10.23 00:41 QuitResponsible6828 ¿Cómo hacer amigos?No quiero más soledad y pérdida de tiempo

Qué es tener un amigo?Cuánto tiempo se habla con un amigo?Qué se habla con un amigo?No se como conseguir un amigo.No se si tengo amigos o conocidos.Estoy harto de estar solo,siento que mi alma pide a gritos amistadas,pero no se como encontrarlos,ni hacerlos.No quiero vivir más solo.Ni dejar que mi vida se pase.La terapia no sirve,ya estuve años intentándolo.No se lo que es estar con otro.
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2021.10.23 00:41 sudhir369 Tortoise: You're forbidden from dring water here

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2021.10.23 00:41 ClackinData Simulation Theory Horror Narration

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2021.10.23 00:41 nonstopgamer1121 Kaptan Kuba's real name is Tico

I'm not sure if that's a well-known a thing or not I just figured that out by watching one of his videos and thought it was a cute name.
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2021.10.23 00:41 beanita83 Describe a time you felt serious second hand embarrassment for a person(s)?

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2021.10.23 00:41 techgeek72 Why don’t chargers have simple sensors to show if they are blocked?

It seems so easy to me to put a simple sensor in there, and since they are already connected to the internet then you could see how many chargers are really available.
Am I missing something? Why does no one do this?
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2021.10.23 00:41 pothole-patrol First regulated utility mining Bitcoin.

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2021.10.23 00:41 warlockwithagun Alec Baldwin, my thoughts so far.

What happened was a tragedy, a horrible accident that cost a life and sent another to the hospital. Everyone reading this on this sub can all agree Alec is a pompous, self righteous, Hollywood, gun control spouting douche nozzle. That said, my question is why did it happen? How did the prop department, safety advisor, director, etc, fail to ensure safety of the prop, safe distance from said prop, and every other factor before handing the actor a prop gun that had such a catastrophic result? If new details come out that he was being truly reckless and not following the director I will concede this point. From what I gather, a cinematographer was killed and another person injured. To me, knowing how dangerous blank rounds can be(Brandon Lee, "The Crow), it must have been a scene where he was aiming at the camera for a POV death shot and was too close to the humans behind the camera and though blanks do not fire projectiles, it's still a concentrated explosion with expanding gas and concussive force behind it. At close range it's still very dangerous to have a blank round fired at you. Blanks are not 100% safe, they can be fickle and very dangerous to cast and crew if not taken seriously. Again, I think Alec Baldwin is a tool, but I've gotta give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear anything more. Seeing him become a meme so quickly to poke fun at this for whatever reason to push anti gun control is just as bad as the anti gunners that post without all the facts. We should not stoop to their level, we need to be better than them. A family has a lost member today due to what I can only see as a terrible accident and Alec is going through what most gun owners pray to never have to go through. The trigger was pulled and somebody is dead. Wrong or right, it happened. You can't take it back. I fear not as many of us gun owners as should, actually understand that. Yeah we own guns to protect ourselves. I hope we all realize that the worst thing to ever happen to anyone is to take a life, even an evil life. It's a split second decision that cannot be undone. Alec just went to work to pretend to be a cowboy and entertain people. He put his trust in the crew and took direction like everyone else. He heard the director say "Action" and he did his job and someone died...right next to the Kraft service table, cameras, and a guy holding a script and a megaphone. (My vision of a movie set may be outdated but I stand by my thoughts).
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2021.10.23 00:41 nbp_leon GenX sub with plenty of discussion on the Kmart cafeteria

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2021.10.23 00:41 TheMixerTheMaster Sierra Hull - Black River (2016)

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2021.10.23 00:41 zingerboxx Please translate urgently, this was left on my boyfriends car last night after a storm and we are both quite on edge

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2021.10.23 00:41 CreamyChickenRice Hypothetical Saitō Story Path - Subjugation of the Iga

Chapter 5: 5th Battle
Playable (Partners are determined by the 1st character selected.)
Hanzō Hattori + Masanobu Honda, Tsuneoki Ikeda + Magoichi Saika, or Ranmaru Mori + Gracia
Notable Enemies
Sandayū Momochi**, Mitsuki*, and multiple phantom illusions
Although Nobunaga Oda continued to make great territorial gains and progress towards his dream of unifying the land as time passed by, a continuous stream of rebellions hindered him from conquering his greatest rivals and subduing larger threats. The land seemed destined to sink back into turmoil throughout Nobunaga's territory until the discovery of a central mastermind behind these sporadic revolts.
After the reveal that Sandayū Momochi had orchestrated countless uprisings and encouraged many defectors in recent years, Mitsuhide Akechi and Tsuneoki Ikeda were tasked with hunting him down and destroying the Iga Ninja who were now fully intent on rebelling against Nobunaga's authority.
Among those drafted to serve as members of the Subjugation army were Tatsuoki Saitō, Magoichi Saika, and Masanobu Honda who held grudges against the Iga from their years of conflict with Sandayū during their time under the Anti-Oda Coalition. It seemed that fate was about to rain down karmic retribution upon the Iga in the coming battle.
° Victory Conditions: Defeat Sandayū Momochi.
° Defeat Conditions: Mitsuhide Akechi or Tatsuoki Saitō is routed.
° Obj. 1: Defeat Chubei Tomioka and his allies threatening Tatsuoki Saitō and the main camp.
° Obj. 2: Quickly defeat Jōun Morita and Yoshimasa Takino to capture Kashiwabara Castle.
° Obj. 3: Prevent Hanroku Otowa and his subordinates from infiltrating either the Subjugation army main camp or Kashiwabara Castle.
° Obj. 4: Quickly defeat Kamonnosuke Taya to capture the Southeast Garrison.
° Obj. 5: Work together with Kazuuji Nakamura to rescue Ieyasu Tokugawa's forces from Mitsuki, Dōjun Iganozaki, Konan Kanbe, and Yazaemon Kido.
° Obj. 6: Weaken Sandayū Momochi together with the Southeast Garrison ambush unit.
° Obj. 7: Assist Mitsuhide Akechi and Toshimitsu Saitō with defeating the phantoms of Shikanosuke Yamanaka, Yoshikage Asakura, Kenshin Uesugi, and Nagamasa Azai.
° Obj. 8: Destroy all the phantom officers to aid the Allied army.
° Bonus 1: Defeat the Fireball Captains before they're ready to assault the Allied main camp.
° Bonus 2: Conquer Maruyama Castle and Hijiyama Castle before either Mitsuhide Akechi or Toshimitsu Saito's health falls below 60%.
° Hanzō/Masanobu | Bonus 3: Defeat the phantoms of Sena and Shingen Takeda.
° Magoichi/Tsuneoki | Bonus 4: Defeat the phantoms of Nō and Nobuyuki Oda.
° Gracia/Ranmaru | Bonus 5: Defeat the phantoms of Hisahide Matsunaga and Yoshinari Mori.
° Bonus 6: Assist Tatsuoki Saitō with defeating Dosan Saitō and Yoshitatsu Saitō.
° Special: Defeat Mitsuki with a Cooperative Musou attack.
Battleground Info
Subjugation Army
Mitsuhide Akechi ★
Toshimitsu Saito
Tatsuoki Saitō ★
Hanzō Hattori
Masanobu Honda
Tsuneoki Ikeda
Magoichi Saika
Ranmaru Mori
(Ieyasu Tokugawa) « Reinforcements
(Tadakatsu Honda) « Reinforcements
(Naotora Ii) « Reinforcements
(Kazuuji Nakamura) « Appears after Mitsuki
Yasuie Namikawa
Shigemoto Mizoo
Masachika Matsuda
(Mitsutada Akechi) « Reinforcements for Mitsuhide
(Hirotada Tsumaki) « Reinforcements for Mitsuhide
Iga Army
(Sandayū Momochi**)
(Mitsuki*) « Ambushes Tokugawa army
Kamonnosuke Taya
Jōun Morita
Yoshimasa Takino
(Dōjun Iganozaki)
(Konan Kanbe)
(Yazaemon Kido)
(Shōgen Fukukita) « Defeated by Mitsuhide
(Tōbei Momota) « Defeated by Mitsuhide
(Seibei Machii) « Defeated by Mitsuhide
(Daizen Funō) « Defeated by Mitsuhide
(Sakyō Koizumi) « Hijiyama Castle Ambush
(Mitsutsugu Ueda) « Hijiyama Castle Ambush
Sukezaemon Nakabayashi
Chubei Tomioka
Hanroku Otowa
Hachiemon Yamaha
Tarōjirō Koyama
Kozaru Shimotsuge
Kizaru Shimotsuge
Ukon Ieki
Magodayū Nomura
Masayasu Fujibayashi
(Phantom Nagamasa Azai)
(Phantom Yoshikage Asakura)
(Phantom Shikanosuke Yamanaka)
(Phantom Kenshin Uesugi)
(Phantom Dosan Saitō)
(Phantom Yoshitatsu Saitō)
(Phantom Nobuyuki Oda)
(Phantom Nō)
(Phantom Yoshinari Mori)
(Phantom Hisahide Matsunaga)
(Phantom Sena)
(Phantom Shingen Takeda)
Battle Summary
The Oda Subjugation army has split into two divisions under the commands of Mitsuhide Akechi and Hanzō Hattori with each playing a vital role in cornering Sandayū Momochi. Mitsuhide Akechi's forces are tasked with directly pursuing Sandayū and have intentionally allowed themselves to be isolated from the main camp by the Northern Garrison while moving towards Hioki Shrine. They are ambushed by Seibei Machii and Daizen Funō once they reach Amagoiyama Castle.
While Mitsuhide has Sandayū's attention, Hanzō entrusts the protection of the main camp to Tatsuoki Saitō and orders everyone else to assist him with eliminating the Iga forces that have already infiltrated their base. Afterwards, Hanzō leads Masanobu Honda, Magoichi Saika, and Tsuneoki Ikeda towards Kashiwabara Castle and utilizes his personal spy captains to force open the main gates, startling the enemies inside. After Jōun Morita and Yoshimasa Takino are defeated, either Hanzō alongside Masanobu or Magoichi Saika alongside Tsuneoki Ikeda hides within the garrison (dependent on who the player selects to use. Defaults to Tsuneoki + Magoichi in Free Mode).
By the time Kashiwabara Castle is captured, Mitsuhide defeats the Iga forces at Amagoiyama Castle and advances towards Nunobikiguchi Garrison where he and his group are ambushed once again. Nunobikiguchi Garrison is set aflame by Sakyō Koizumi and Mitsutsugu Ueda to pressure them, but the arrival of Mitsutada Akechi and Hirotada Tsumaki allows them to put out the fire quickly. The Iga forces then attempt to take advantage of the absent defenders inside the Subjugation army main camp and open the South Checkpoint to allow Hanroku Otowa and his allies to advance. After preventing the main camp from being overwhelmed again, Hanzō directs Ranmaru Mori and Gracia towards the Southeast Garrison. He and Masanobu Honda or Magoichi Saika and Tsuneoki Ikeda accompany them depending on which group is left at Kashiwabara Castle. Once the Southeast Garrison is taken from Kamonnosuke Taya, either Ranmaru's group or Tsuneoki's group (if they aren't at Kashiwabara. Defaults to Ranmaru + Gracia in Free Mode) hide within it.
Once both Iga strongholds have been secured, Mitsuhide's group overcomes the ambush at Nunobikiguchi Garrison and begins assaulting Sandayū Momochi at Hijiyama Castle. The Tokugawa army then arrives north of the Southeast Garrison and attacks Maruyama Castle. Not long afterwards, Mitsuki and multiple Iga officers ambush them while Sandayū Momochi slips away from Mitsuhide using his hidden soldiers within Hijiyama Castle. Kazuuji Nakamura appears to assist Ieyasu Tokugawa against Mitsuki's forces afterwards and informs Hanzō's group that Mitsuhide may struggle against Shōgen Fukukita and Tōbei Momota if he isn't helped soon.
After Mitsuki withdraws and Maruyama Castle is captured, Sandayū reappears at the Southeast Garrison to ready an attack on Ieyasu Tokugawa but is stopped by the hidden officers inside. After taking a moderate amount of damage, Sandayū slips away again to reappear at Kashiwabara Castle where he's surprised once again by Hanzō's hidden officers. Sandayū doesn't waiver however and seals the main gate of the castle then creates phantom versions of various people from Mitsuhide Akechi's past. Even after defeating the phantoms of Shikanosuke Yamanaka, Yoshikage Asakura, Nagamasa Azai, and Kenshin Uesugi, Sandayū still doesn't relent and has Mitsuki reappear to create another larger wave of phantom officers. After dealing with every phantom from the past and possibly Mitsuki as well, only Sandayū is left to defeat. Defeating him ends the battle.
Post-Battle Cutscenes & Events
Once the battle is over, Mitsuhide Akechi gathers together the leaders of the subjugation army (Hanzō, Ieyasu, and Tsuneoki Ikeda) and thanks them for their support. When Sandayū's death is brought into question, both Hanzō and Tsuneoki conclude that he most likely survived and is merely hiding and waiting for a chance to avenge the people of Iga. Tatsuoki, Masanobu, and others join the conversation to reassure that no matter where he may be, Sandayū will be found even if Nobunaga can't spare the resources to search for him.
After Mitsuhide's group (Toshimitsu, Gracia, and Ranmaru) and Ieyasu's group depart, Tatsuoki is left behind with Magoichi, Masanobu, and Tsuneoki. Tsuneoki congratulates them on paying back Sandayū for the years of trouble he's caused them and questions why all three of them continue to walk a fine line between being allies or enemies of the Oda with their continued affiliation with the Honganji. It leads into a discussion concerning the Honganji's willingness to surrender but fear of Nobunaga's retribution that ends with Tsuneoki simply wishing them luck with resolving that conflict.
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2021.10.23 00:41 Versel_ How good is keira?

I just got her and i wanna know if shes worth grinding levels for
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2021.10.23 00:41 PocoChanel Were there themes we didn’t see?

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2021.10.23 00:41 MSotallyTober The Fort Wolcott mission from ACIII is brilliant.

I bought III for the 360 when it first came out and returned it shortly after because it was near unplayable with its bugs back in the day. Come nine years later and I’m playing the remastered version and seeing what I’ve been missing out on with these little diversions for Captain Kids’ treasure. I know Connor gets shit for his brooding tone, but it’s wholly appropriate and these naval missions (despite being archaic [but setting the tone for Black Flag]), they’re still a breath of fresh air from the main story. It’s nice to see that a lot of fans give this title credit where it’s due.
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2021.10.23 00:41 pincopancolo Super Mario 64 Jolly Roger Bay By Bradio642DS #theme @themes3ds - Nintendo 3DS Themes / Badges / Splashes [NHZ ]

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2021.10.23 00:41 Calwineguy Experimental Caerphilly-styled for your viewing pleasure

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2021.10.23 00:41 student1998 Big 4 - Audit - Industry Selection

I am a new graduate majored in economics & accounting and starting my big4 audit role in 2022 (Toronto). I was hoping someone could provide an explanation of the various industries available at Big 4 Audit and their exit opportunities.
As with many accounting majors, I too would like to eventually move out of audit into advisory or valuation and from there into front office roles in IB and from there hopefully into PE, VC, Hedge Funds.
Knowing my interests is it logical to request financial institutions as my preference for the industry to audit or does it not matter? Also how long should I stay in audit knowing the longer I am in the field, the more likely my exit opps become fortune 500 financial reporting roles?
Thanks your for your response and help!
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2021.10.23 00:41 radnines Traditional party shark by @radnines in Philadelphia, PA. Guesting in Knoxville, Eugene & Portland in 2022.

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2021.10.23 00:41 Queasy-Ad9111 Looking for kitchen supplies for the new update!! Also apples thanks!

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2021.10.23 00:41 Bearmam123 What were some pastas that were popular back in the day, but nobody talks about anymore?

Like, no end house and stuff.
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2021.10.23 00:41 ProtectionPristine73 Help ya boy reach 200 followers on twitch! Check my tiktok also!

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2021.10.23 00:41 pincopancolo Super Mario 64 By Bradio642DS #theme @themes3ds - Nintendo 3DS Themes / Badges / Splashes [NHZ ]

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2021.10.23 00:41 Undividedbyzero No context needed

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