He is based

2021.10.23 01:01 Rat-N-Flouk He is based

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2021.10.23 01:01 igloouk Adore You cover by kidz Bop

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2021.10.23 01:01 Professional_Map_452 [Serious] Body is still feeling hot/flush 3 days after a hookup. Any ideas what could this be?

I dont hookup all the time but last wednesday I had a casual hookup with a trans. There was no penetration but I rimmed her a lot. Its been a while since I did that
Sometime after, somehow I can feel my shoulder, upper arm area feels warm/like warm after a workout feeling. It feels like something might pop out but I could just be overthinking.
Anyone have experienced the same? Thank you for your inputs
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2021.10.23 01:01 ikbmRaThrow I(26m) hit up my ex(35f) for a bootycall. She wants me to take her on a road trip. Whats her game?

We dated two months. Broke up because i don't like the way she interacts with her guy "friends".
I gave her an ultimatum. Stop being touchy snd flirty or i would leave. She told me to leave because she wasn't gonna prioritize a new relationship over dudes shes known for years.
I left. She ignored me for a couple weeks then started spamming my phone crying her eyes out. But i was already with a new girl so i never answered.
We talked a bit. Then she started ignoring me again.
Today i call her because my new girl is out of town. Im allowed to see other girls just while shes gone.
I facetime my ex and she answers the phone in my shirt that she stole from me. Starts telling me how depressed shes been. I ask her to come over and she says no because she doesn't think we should have sex anymore.
Then she calls me tonight. First thing she tells me is that she's pregnant and its mine. Then she says shes joking but she wants for me to get her pregnant. She kept asking me and i just kept changing the subject. I don't want to have a kid with her. We're never gonna be together.
Then she says she wants to see me. But she wants us to drive out of town and get a hotel with a jacuzzi.
idk what to do and idk what to think. I don't really want to spend that much time with her. Im not in love with her anymore.
She acts like shes still in love with me. But she told me shes slept with dudes since we stopped talking. And she basically chose to leave me. I woulda done anything for her. The only thing i asked her to do was tone down the touchy feely whisper stuff with her guy "friends" and she told me i didn't matter enough for her to respect me. Now she's begging me to get her pregnant and saying we should go out of town together?
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2021.10.23 01:01 ShareScienceBot Discovering and Achieving Goals via World Models

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2021.10.23 01:01 Storm_Raider_34 Kids TV channel teenage superhero war. Which channel has your bet for winning.

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2021.10.23 01:01 natep10 PS4: asomenatep

i’ll be on for 2 more hours wanna run it twice each
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2021.10.23 01:01 Throwawaytoday303 Poor Cora Jade

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2021.10.23 01:01 LDshadow1123 Load loop connectivity glitch

Hey guys I'm only posting on here to try and get a solution to a curent glitch in stick in I was doing the starnge princess quest for odysseia but as soon as it starts the load screen it stops at 50% and says connecting in the bottom left corner I'm really hopeing you guys can help me because it keeps auto starting it when I log in (I'm on ps4 btw)
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2021.10.23 01:01 johnrock001 Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations

Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/sad-anime-that-will-make-you-cry-recommendations/
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2021.10.23 01:01 AllyDevico Devico Infographic

Devico Infographic
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2021.10.23 01:01 kahlminnis [ps4] want 99 dragon scales have ask I have bunch of characters I’m trying to get back into ds1 and wanna start fresh

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2021.10.23 01:01 Kcincool Take on Sex Ed in public schools?

On one hand, you obviously have that it encourages sin and specifically emphasizes how to fornicate “safely,” but also secular students in public schools would be doing this stuff anyway, and is it better to have them be doing it without getting pregnant and putting the life of their child at risk? It’s a complex issue with a lot of facets, I’d love to hear your take on it.
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2021.10.23 01:01 TKPrime Is it possible to get this effect with stamp brush/

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2021.10.23 01:01 _WonkaSuS_ me n the homies

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2021.10.23 01:01 AmazingPie6451 Lizzy wurst

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2021.10.23 01:01 chubbycakess Flowers! i really am looking for Black roses and a few other flowers. i have 3 pansys and mums! i have White tulips but i REALLY need other flowers to branch out! let me know please!

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2021.10.23 01:01 Mr_Needlemouse_Fan My problem with this solve

Please note I'm only saying this so the subreddit improves. My main problem with this sub would be the mods just not really enforcing the rules, I see too many posts of the OP looking down at another player for not playing the way they want them too with the name not blocked. The rules say to block out the person's name but they don't and the posts would still be up. I won't be naming names, I just want the rules to be enforced as they were back then.
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2021.10.23 01:01 unlisted_name Join

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2021.10.23 01:01 johnrock001 Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List

Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/best-hot-and-sexy-anime/
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2021.10.23 01:01 dodgebr Zyra dragomancer skin does not count for the mission

Just played with her and her skin and it doesn't count for the dragomancer quest, bug or is this intentional?
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2021.10.23 01:01 WolfgangBob Wall Street Dads - It's time to change diapers and kick hedge funds ass and we're out of diapers!

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2021.10.23 01:01 monday_maybe My recent carvings (wooden bunny and pumpkin)

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2021.10.23 01:01 zipsakortu Home Depot Promo Code November 2021

Here is the Home Depot Promo Code November 2021
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.10.23 01:01 Single-Possession637 Impact site of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.

The inner ring it has, how did the energy from the impact create that? Seems like more of an explosive then impact. Shockwave yes but the inner ring? If the thing smacked the earth how would it leave two rings? It would chunk out one massive hole?
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